Nest Nurturing Futures Coronavirus Policy.   Date: 11/01/22

Nest Nurturing Futures aims to protect all clients and will follow all the necessary requirements in doing so.

  1. Restricted Numbers

All events will have a restricted number of people attending.

Due to risk of the land- pond, river, road, big space, opportunity of getting lost, fire etc, parents must attend the session unless it has been previously agreed that children can be left in the care of staff (maximum 4 children per session only for specific sessions). Parents get as much out of the sessions as the children and Nests events are about intergenerational play and building up a community of families of all ages. This is vital for wellbeing and the risk of loneliness and mental ill health is far greater than coronavirus once all our preventative measures are in place. There are also many attendees with additional support needs to make our sessions inclusive then parents or carers can attend.

Our space has plenty capacity to host hundreds of people and maintain physical distancing. 

How ever we have decided to limit the amount of families to 30 families. If 30 families attend the session then we will make sure there are separate activities happening in different areas of the venue to avoid close gatherings. 

Maximum of 15 adults when doing fire circle or fire cooking/workshop within the forest area at one time. 

  1. Spacing and ventilation.

The site we have is completely outdoors with one shelter that has 3 walls.

The site is exceptionally large with multiple different areas. 2 metres apart you could fit on site hundreds of people. Event numbers will never reach any where near the capacity of the site. Therefore, space is not an issue on site.

For the shelter it is advised that no more than 4 adults enter at one time. There is adequate ventilation in this space as it is open to the elements and only has three walls. There is enough space for 4 adults to enter the shelter and keep 2 metres distance.

  1. Hygiene

There are two hand washing stations on site, one at the shelter and one at the toilet.

There are also hand sanitising gel at various points on site.

Nest recommends that everyone washes or sanitises their hands on arrival, when entering a new area of the site, before and after use of any equipment, before and after eating and before they leave.

There are also antiviral wipes that can be used on surfaces and on hands. These are placed around the site and encouraged the use of these when using, specifically equipment. Staff uses these wipes between sessions to sanitise any equipment and the toilet.

There is a purple box marked with a C known as the ‘Covid box’. Any used equipment is placed into these boxes and then washed with washing up liquid and warm water or sanitised.

  1. Symptoms and testing

We ask that over 12’s to please take a lateral flow test before attending events unless they have an exemption. 

Anyone who is unwell in anyway is advised not to attend Nest Nurturing Futures events

If anyone has symptoms of coronavirus then they are required to book a pcr test and self-isolate following the government recommendations.

Symptoms include:

  1. New continuous cough
  2. High temperature (37.5 degrees Celsius and above)
  3. Loss or change in taste and/or smell.

Unfortunately, because we are solely outdoors thermometers to check temperature does not work due to wind and cold air.  We therefore require parents to check children’s temperature and their own temperature before arrival.

If someone were to develop these symptoms during a session, we would require them to leave the sessions self-isolate and book a test.

If anyone comes into contact with someone with coronavirus then we request participants to follow governments guidelines. 

Please be aware that if members of staff tests positive for coronavirus then they will self-isolate for 10 days therefore events may be cancelled for the duration and this may happen last minute as staff will take lateral flows the morning before running events. 

  1. Snacks and refreshments

We now ask that all attendees if possible, bring their own cups, plates and utensils. 

 All cooking equipment will be washed and stored properly before and after use 

We are aware that not everyone who attends our sessions has access to this (or may forget) and therefore to be inclusive to all needs we will also provide this equipment.

Hand-washing will be available and a basin with soap and water will be available to wash pots. 

 Participants should have their own separate food items and not share from the same plate/fork as other participants. 

  1. First Aid

If first aid needs to be done on anyone above the age of 12, masks will be required as well as gloves to stay safe during covid. However, this will be assessed according to the situation. If in event of emergency the first aider will do everything to keep the attendee safe and if it is in the best interest of the attendee, then the first aider will act quickly, and this may mean there will not be time to put on PPE or PPE may not be appropriate (i.e. CPR). If PPE is appropriate but the first aider had to act quickly then the first aider can request help from another attendee to pass them a mask and gloves if it is safe to do so.

  1. Track and Trace

All attendees are requested to sign in to track and trace at the beginning of the session. The form will be in the shelter. Attendees must use the hand sanitiser gel before and after signing the document. There will also be wipes to wipe the pen before and after use.  All attendees also required to fill in a registration form, so we have contact details on hand.

  1. Payments

Payments are requested to be done online via our booking system on our website or through PayPal or through bank transfer. We understand that not everyone has access to this so therefore we do accept cash payments to be more inclusive, but we do not recommend this method.