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Who We Are

Nest Nurturing Futures is an outdoor focused learning group that aims to bring children and adults alike out into the outdoors. From workshops to weekly play sessions and special events promoting health and wellbeing. We collaborate with other local organizations.

Weekly Sessions

Special Events

Birthday Parties

“I’ve attended a birthday party run by Nest. All the children enjoyed full time outdoor play guided and accompanied by caring and nurturing staff, who gently led some fun activities that were appropriate for the ages of the children while leaving time and areas for Children’s own adventures. The field is like a treasure map and children are encouraged to assess risk. Rules are clear and use positive statements. Fantastic experience all round!” – Laura Romay

“Have attended rain and shine with my 4 and 2 year old and found everyone so kind welcoming compassionate and knowledgeable and the kids often talk about the land of stones and buttercup island their creativity confidence has come on leaps.” – Suzy Hicks

Private sessions available 2021

Nurtured in Nature with Amy

Join Amy in a Forest Bathing session where she will walk you through the restorative effects of nature and the positive effects it can have on your wellbeing.

Activities include:

  • Forest invitations
  • Nature mandalas
  • Journaling
  • Connection techniques
  • And many more….

Get in touch today by clicking here and learn more about forest bathing and how to book your 2021 session.

Special Thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery

,Thanks to the Postcode Community Trust and the player of the Peoples Postcode Lottery we have been able to continue our services despite the pandemic. We got awarded a grant before the pandemic to build a disabled access toilet on site. After the pandemic hit we lost all our streams of income and had to cease work during our busiest time of year. The postcode community trust got in touch with us and informed us that we may use the funding on anything that will help the business through this difficult time. Due to this generous offer we was able to pay for our insurance, our accounts and materials costs to start back up again including lots of sanitiser!

We still despite this really wanted a toilet on site to improve the accessibility for users. So we got creative and used the rest of the funds to turn an old shed into a functioning compost toilet which has, from our survey, accomplished it’s task to making the site more accessible to people with a variety of needs. 

Our dream still, is that the site will one day be completely accessible to everyone and this is a mission we will continue to work on but we would like to acknowledge and show gratitude to this amazing organisation for their contribution in making this dream a reality. 

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